Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arrival! Aug. 4, 2010

Well, I sent out an email last night with Adrien's estimated arrival time this
morning and forgot to hit the distribution list. I can't believe I did that but
things happen.
Anyway, Adrien, Steve, & Lance docked L'eau Life at about 9:30 am this morning
at Grand Marina in Alameda. There were about 10 people at the dock to greet
them. They all looked pretty good for being at sea for 20 days. We visited for a
while, had some fresh fruit salad, home made peach cobbler, and some pastries
along with champagne, orange juice and/or coffee. It was a wonderful welcome
home event. The guys cleaned up the boat a bit and Adrien and I went home with 6
bags of trash (the dumpsters were all full at the marina) and 2 bags of dirty
laundry. (I'm almost afraid to see what's in the bottom of those bags.) L'eau
Life and crew are home safe and sound and Adrien will definitely be doing a
final entry into his log in a day or two. (He has to re-learn how to use a
computer keyboard that's not moving around.)
Thanks for keeping up with their adventure.
The Admiral

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