Monday, August 2, 2010


Monday afternoon
248 nm from San Francisco, who cares how far we are from Oahu (well OK, it's 1892 nm).

More San Francisco style weather. Cold water, gray sky, seas from the north. Yesterday had a lot of cross seas where the wind and the waves come from different directions making for a bumpy ride. But today is nice. The sun was out for a while, the seas have calmed a bit and the wind is driving us along at a good speed.

The end is in sight. We will probably arrive on Wednesday morning sometime. I think we are all ready to be there. Adrien has started tying decorative knots all over the place, and Lance has been caught talking to the radar. Not sure what sort of craziness I have been doing, but I bet Adrien or Lance will tell you.

My bunk has been dry the whole trip, until today. I came out of the shower and noticed the sheet was wet along the edge, and on closer inspection there is water under the mattress. Oh well. I'm trying to dry it out now, but there is no clear place that the water is coming from. Only 2 nights to go. I will survive.

Looking forward to getting back,


Position Report 03-AUG-2010 0018Z
38 deg 50.079N
127 deg 32.981W
course 100T speed 6 knots
Wind 18 knots from NW
Seas about 2 feet from the NW sea temp 56.1F
Air 68F 68% humidity 1022mb pressure

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