Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 19 - Almost there

Tuesday evening California time

Well Adrien finally relented and started changing the clocks to California time. It's about time. The reason this is interesting now is because we are actually figuring out what time we will ARRIVE! Yes, we are within striking distance of the Golden Gate and should sailing into the bay sometime tomorrow morning.

In a few hours we expect to see our first landmark, a buoy that marks the southern end of the Cordell Bank. From there we pass to the north of the Farallon Islands, and on to the Bonita Channel which follows along the Marin shore until we get to the Golden Gate.

It's all very exciting, and we are all ready to get there. It is cold and gray and dark and the waves are rough, etc.

We heard a rumor a few days back about there being a lot of whales in the Gulf of the Farallons recently because there are lots of krill, their favorite food. Hopefully we will not encounter any of these guys as we pass through tonight. Too bad we aren't coming through during the daytime when they might be more willing to pose for pictures.

Enough for now. Next report will hopefully be from inside the bay.


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