Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 16 - We're getting closer!

Saturday night
515 nm from San Francisco

The end is in sight. I just got Lance set up to listen to the Giants game on San Francisco AM radio station. It's also getting colder, like being out in a boat at night near San Francisco.

Today started out with perfect spinnaker flying weather, and a rip in the sail from yesterday. But we used some tape and patched it up and after a few attempts to get it out of its bag and flying straight we succeeded. A good day of steady 6-7 knots with occasional bursts of 8-9. Nice.

As my watch ends tonight the wind has dropped from 15 down to about 11, so we have slowed down, but we are still moving forward, getting closer.


Position report 01-AUG-2010 0800Z
40 deg 05.810N
133 deg 04.101W
Course 107T speed 6.3 knots
Wind 14 knots from the NNW
Seas 3 feet from the North Sea water temp 56.5F (burrr)
Air 65F (feels colder) 68% humidity 1029mb

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