Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 10

Monday 8:30am Hawaii time
1323 nm to SF 1292 from Oahu

Sunday was a pretty quiet day. I slept soundly through a spinnaker dowse early in the morning. Had a show in the late afternoon, and finished off reading Catch-22. Just a nice day of sailing straight east, still on the great circle route to San Francisco. Watching to see where the wind shifts as the highs and lows move around in the next day or so.

Weather has gotten a bit cooler. Night watch now means long pants, long sleeve shirt, and a windbreaker jacket. My feet got a bit cold last night so I think it is time to break out my dinghy boots (neoprene boots sort of like for a wet suit). Got to keep those toes warm.

We've finally seen another boat. Last boat we saw was about half hour after we left. But on Saturday night we one ship headed west (not clear what kind it was as it was dark and far away), and then yesterday we saw a big car carrier headed west (Adrien almost let it sneak by). We must be near the shipping lanes between Asia and the West coast of North America. Will probably see more, and need to keep a careful watch out.

As you can see from the distances up at the top of this post we are very close to the "halfway point", where we are the same distance from Hawaii and SF. Not that this has anything to do with how far we have come and how far/long we have to go, but it is a good excuse for a party. Lance and I plan to finish off the last 2 beers onboard as part of the celebration.

Today looks like it will be more of the same kind of sailing. Just chugging along at between 6 and 7 knots headed due east.


Position Report 26-JUL-2010 1845Z
41 deg 58.493 N
150 deg 43.162 W
course 88 deg speed 5.6 knots
Seas 2 feet sea water temo 64.2 deg F
Wind SSW at 12 knots
Air 72 deg F 70% humidity 1026 mb

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