Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 11

8:22pm Hawaii (and L'eau Life) time
1261 nm from San Francisco
1311 nm from Oahu

So we finally passed the half way point. We are now closer to San Francisco than we are to Hawaii. Celebrated by drinking the last 2 beers on the boat.

Sailed with the jib in the morning, the spinnaker in the afternoon, and then finally, the wind died and we had to start the engine and begin to motor across the Pacific High. Should only take a day, maybe 2 before the wind fills in again on the other side. It will be good when the noise of the engine goes away.

Adrien fixed the water maker. Seems a filter exploded, so he needed to do a bit of plumbing to bypass it. But the tanks are full again, so showers are on again!

Finished the last of our fresh lettuce at dinner tonight so no more green salads until we get to SF. Got to think of more interesting things to do with what ingredients we have left. I'm starting to get bored with the food. We will see what we can come up with.

Beautiful sunset and moonrise.


Position Report 27-JUL-2010 0630Z
41 deg 54.317 N 149 deg 20.708 W
Course 91 deg speed 6.3 knots
Wind 5 knots from the SE
Seas 2 feet sea water temp 64.2F
Air 76F 65% hunmidity 1025 mb

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