Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 8 - A very fine day

Friday afternoon
1102 nautical miles due north of Oahu, 1672 nautical miles west of the Golden Gate.

Since yesterdays report a lot has happened. Happily, Adrien was able to fix the problem with the water maker so fresh water for washing and cooking will not be a problem. Yes, I will not need to make 2 pair of underwear last for 10 more days!

Spent most of yesterday just sailing along, headed NE, with gentle winds, making slow and steady progress towards what we hope will be the western side of the Pacific High were we will make our right turn and head for San Francisco. Still watching those weather fax reports regularly and getting some weather advice from Clark via email.

Excellent dinner of leftover pasta and chicken pesto. Adrien cooked it up crispy in the frying pan. Something that folks who grew up with microwave ovens just can't appreciate.

Evening was uneventful. Fiddled with the radio looking for some news on the shortwaves. Didn't come up with much. Anyone can send me an email with the times and frequencies for some good shortwave radio services like BBC, VOA, Armed Forces Radio, or other English language services, send it in an email to Anita ( and she will forward it on to me.

Today, Friday was excellent. Started with nice sunrise during my 4-7am watch. Then the weather just got perfect. 10-13 knots of wind from the southeast allows us to sail in incredibly smooth seas to the NE at a nice smooth and steady 6 knots. The sun was out, the air was warm.

Time to get some things done. Adrien fixed (we hope) the leak around the mast where it passes through the deck. We did a load of laundry (just in time for me). Then put the wet cushions out to dry in the sun. Then it was time for some fun as it was perfect spinnaker flying weather. Took us a little while to get it all set up (there's some video too), eventually we got it up and flying. Added another knot or so to our speed. Took some pictures, and just generally enjoying the day.

We passed 2 important (eh?) milestones today. We are now north of the latitude of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, and East of where originally started in Oahu. The second part is particularly exciting as we had earlier been pushed over 100 miles to the west by the prevailing winds and now we have made that distance back.

While I'm writing this Adrien leans over at the navigators table and accidentally sets off a dry chemical fire extinguisher. White powder fills the air, and covers everything in that corner of the cabin. "Where's the pin?" is his only comment. Guess it's time to open some hatches and get some fresh air in here.



Position Report 24-JUL-2010 02:52 GMT
39 deg 46.055 N
158 deg 13.333 W
Heading 47 deg True speed 7 knots
Wind 10 knots from SE
Seas 2 feet sea water temp 69.4
Air 80 deg F 61% humidity 1024 mb

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