Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 5

1844 nm to San Francisco, 751 miles from Oahu

Another lazy day. Slept, stood my watches, read some more of Catch-22, listened to some music, and after I finish this I am going to cook some dinner for the crew.

Wind and sea was a bit calmer today. No squalls. Everything has a bit of a chance to dry out. It gets kind of old when every time you sit down, your butt is wet for the next few hours.

Today we passed through a school (is that the right word?) of little man-o-war style jelly fish. They were everywhere. Mixed in with these were lots of those small flying fish, and I'm pretty sure I saw something a lot bigger swim by just under the surface. So there is life out here.

We have a few little leaks and Adrien spent some time taping things up in hope of stopping or slowing them. Not sure yet if it worked. Adrien also spent some time working on unclogging his broken head (his toilet, not his actual head). Haven't really heard yet how that went, but we will see if we all end up sharing the forward head or not.

Weather further North is still not ideal. The Pacific High is still North and West of where we would like it to be. Where it ends up in the next 4-5 days will determine where and when we make our big right turn and head towards San Francisco. It will also determine when the wind dies, and how much motoring we do or don't need to do. We keep getting the weather fax and hoping for things to get better. As I told my Facebook friends a week or so back, it would be good if everyone could really concentrate and think aboot (oops, on a boat with a Canadian) pushing that high down and to the right (to the Southwest for you Aussies who have the globe upside down).

Not sure if any of you are also getting Adrien's daily updates, but hopefully they will be posted here on this blog starting soon. I have asked Paula (Adrien's wife) to post his. We will see if that works.

One important point which he mentioned in his posting is that we seem to have left the dock with lots of canned food, but no can opener. We will see how that works out. Some combo of LEatherman tools, swiss army knives, and whatever we can find in the tool kit should see us through.

Well, time to start cooking. Bye for now


21-JUL-2010 06:14 GMT
33 deg 43.392 N lat 160 deg 30.503 W long
Heading 336 at 7.1 knots
Wind NE at 22 knots
Seas about 6 feet from the NE
Water temp 74.7 deg F
Air 79 deg F 69% humidity 1029 mb pressure

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