Monday, July 26, 2010

The right direction (lance)

We (the Three Amigos/Stooges/Men in a Tub) are starting to point home. Early this morning the wind went forward and we had to take the kite down (we'd been hauling along at up to 8.5kts) and since then we've been going almost due east along the 42nd parallel. Currently 7/26 1000Z 42.00N, 151.56W doing 092T@6.1kts.

With just the jib up there's less active sailing; we still have to adjust it and the main to stay at peak efficiency, but not as often as with the spinnaker. Even so we made good time, keeping the speed in the 7.5+kt range much of the afternoon. Above 6kts is faster than we can motor, and above 7kts is "moving right along."

We chased the same line of dark clouds all day. When we took the kite down it was about two miles ahead and a bit ominous. It receded to maybe 15-20 miles out midday, but we finally caught it around dusk. The other side has been lighter wind but from the same direction. Meanwhile a wall of big, dark, scary looking weather has been looming up behind us as a low pressure system scrunches into the Pacific High. If we're lucky we'll stay just ahead of it, using its winds but avoiding anything nasty. Around here the weather often dominates discussion.

Tried some new beans with dinner this evening. So far nothing has come close to the lentils for volcanic activity, but it's good to know we have pinto and kidney beans, also. Really should have tracked down some lima and garbanzos and maybe plain canned string beans. Can't have too many beans. Didn't need the fire extinguisher.

Saw a ship on radar yesterday that passed a few miles off to port. Saw a ship about two miles off to port today then realized it had been on radar. We've made a mental note for whomever is on watch to look around a bit more often.

The water temperature is below 65 degrees; starting to add layers for night watches. The full moon is bright and beautiful.

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