Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 4

1863 Nautical miles to San Francisco
580 nautical miles from Oahu

Another day of the same sort of trade wind sailing we have been doing since we cleared the North end of Oahu. Wind varies between 22 and 33 knots, waves about 6 feet, squalls come by every once in a while with a few minutes of ran, and we keep headed norther, and norther and norther. Today we passed 30 degrees North latitude, a minor milestone. We think the place we turn right and head for California is somewhere around 38 degrees latitude, which will make it a due west run straight to San Francisco. This would be great as we would avoid sailing more to the north and some potentially stormy weather off the coast of Oregon.

During the watches there isn't that much to do as the boat is pretty much sailing itself. Glance at the wind speed, direction, course, radar screen, then back to reading, or listening to This American Life on my iPod, or just watching the water go by.

While watching the water go by you sometimes see stuff. Occasionally a bird. Some trash. Today I saw a bucket, a fishing float, and a container of liquid dish washing soap go by. Also saw my first flying fish of the trip. One of my favorite animals. It truly doesn't know if it is fish or fowl. It was a small one and didn't get very high out of the water, but it was cool none the less.

Had my first shower of the trip today. It was great as the salt crust was starting to get to me. Everything outside is covered with a crust of salt. Seems 30 knots of wind throws up a lot of spray, all the time, and it lands everything, and the water evaporates leaving behind the crust.

That's it for today.

20-jul-2010 0417 GMT
30 deg 54.335 N 159 deg39.661 W
Air 81 deg F 69% humidity
Sea water 74.7 deg F (getting cooler)
Wind 21 knts from NE
Seas 2.5 meters from the NE
Course 350 deg true 6.2 knts

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