Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday evening

So much for trying to write this every day.

Last update was Monday night. Tuesday was busy. Picked up the new shroud in Honolulu, had lunch at Sammy Choy's (a Honolulu institution of some kind. Had excellent fried poke), then to the airport to pick up Lance. Found him pretty quickly, then back to the boat where we found the wind was very light and from the front of the boat, so we took advantage of the situation to get the main and installed in their proper places (hard to do if there is too much wind, or if it is blowing from the back of the boat).

After that Lance, who came from London to San Francisco, and then on to Hawaii with only a day break crashed for a while, and I helped Michael from down the doc to upgrade his Mac from Tiger to Leopard so he could use it to sync his new iPad.

Dinner time came around, and we met up with Rani, a friend of Lance's brother who none of us had ever met. She was a pretty cool person, sort of a boat gypsy working on various boats in different parts of the world, travel around from place to place. Seems like it would be a pretty fun lifestyle, at least for a while. Dinner at Keo's a Thai restaurant in downtown Honolulu. After that, it was late, and we were tired, so everyone pretty much went to bed.

Wednesday we got up, and after a bit of a slow start, got the new shroud installed, and headed out on what turned out to be most of the rest of the day shopping for all our provisions for the trip. We were at K-MArt, Safeway, and 2 different Costco stores, as well as West Marine, the riggers, and the Pacific Map Center. When we finally got back, we got all the food stored away, ate a quick dinner, and did a load of laundry. That should be done soon and then we can all collapse and finish up some final items in the morning and hopefully make an afternoon departure.


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