Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time and distance

24 hours of sailing.

We are now 150 nautical miles due north of where we started.
From the starting point in the marina it was 2075 nautical miles to San Francisco.
We are now 2014 miles from San Francisco, about 60 miles closer.

We are sail straight north at almost 8 knots. At this rate if we keep going straight we will be in the Aleutian Islands in 10 days. But the plan is to turn right and head to San Francisco before that, when the wind changes direction so we can go that way.


  1. Please bring back some Alaska King crab legs, if you end up in the Aleutians.

  2. Sorry Sidney, but we didn't make it that far north. At one point though some of the Aleutian Islands were the closest land to our position. Definitely off the beaten path.