Friday, July 30, 2010

A nautical maneuver (lance)

Today was a huge milestone for the Three Musketeers on L'eau Life. As we motored through the center of the Pacific high the wind went to dead calm and the seas became glassy - and after several hours the wind filled again, but from the port side. Usually tacking involves sails flapping and lurching around a bit, but this time it just sort of happened with no fanfare. We had been 14 days on starboard; the longest single tack I've ever been on. We pointed anywhere from 340 to 110 degrees at different times, following the big high.

The big difference is that when we get rolling the boat will heel to the other side. Everything that's been stacked to the left will fall over, and the hand and foot holds we've gotten used to will be subtly different. I've been sleeping against a lee cloth and Steve has been rolled against a wall, but now the shoe will be on the other foot

Now it's more motor sailing on port until the wind picks up, maybe staying on this tack all the way to the Golden Gate. 782nm to get there.

Today we answered the question, "Can there be too much Tijuana Brass?" The answer seems to be "16 greatest hits in a row is maybe 8 too many." Steve couldn't take the theme songs to both The Dating and Newlywed Games, even if it meant a new washer/dryer after a romantic chaperoned weekend in Mazatlan.

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