Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 14 - Less than 1000 miles to go

Thursday 12:13pm Hawaii time
878 nm to San Francisco 1519 nm from Oahu

Wednesday was another lazy day headed across the really wide part of the Pacific High. Wind was mixed. Light much of the time, sometimes we motored, sometimes we had a good breeze pushing us along at 7 knots. Some of everything. Still warm weather during the days and cool enough for a jacket at night.

Hamburgers for dinner. Yum.

Thursday is more of the same. Right now we are motoring along at about 6 knots with almost no wind. Weather forecast maps from yesterday says we should find the northerly winds that will blow us to San Francisco in about 18 more hours. Have to still get another update today to see if that still holds. Forecasts are pretty flaky.

Ramen noodles for lunch. Very salty, but good. Surprised this is the first time we are having them.


Position report 29-JUL-2010 2221Z
41 deg 59.591 N
140 deg 43.801 W
speed 6 knots course 102 deg true
wind SSW at 5 knots seas 2 feet from N water temp 63.5F
Air 80F 52% humidity 1032 mb pressure

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