Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting the boat in shape

T-minus 5 days

Saturday. Today was supposed to be the day Adrien went up the mast in the morning, and then we would go for a sail in the afternoon to get the new jib installed, and to really get a better idea what works and what needs to still be fixed. But it didn't happen that way.

First thing Adrien realizes we are still missing one of our porthole windows. Not a good idea to go sailing with a window that will let the water pour in if we happened to heal over a little too far. The window glass was being replaced, but hadn't come back from the shop just yet. Oh well no sailing today. But it seems we can get the window today, and install it so we can sail tomorrow. So instead today will be checking things out, lubricating all the blocks as shackles, and checking that the lines are in good shape. I started at the front of the boat doing this, while Adrien started working on getting the dinghy cleaned out, pumped up, and tied down tight for the passage. But it turns out the jib furler line is worn and needs to be replaced (this is used to roll up the big sail at the front of the boat, and if it were to break in strong winds would be a pretty ugly scene).. The dinghy has leaks that need to be patched, and we still need 4 more containers for diesel fuel, so off to West Marine we go.

On the way we stop at this great restaurant for lunch. La Mariana Sailing Club is supposedly one of the last real Tiki bars left in Oahu, and it was pretty cool place. Good food and a delicious, and really strong Mai Tai. Adrien was designated driver. The on to West Marine where we go a few of the things we needed, but had to keep looking for the jerry cans. Finally found them at Home Depot. Guess we should have looked there first.

Then back to the boat, go the new furling line installed, turned some other lines end for end (so that the worn out spots don't rub in the same places where they wearing before). The window arrived, by the caulking was not done correctly, so Adrien had to run back out to the hardware store for some more caulking, but the window is now in and we can sail tomorrow!

Dinner at "Just Tacos", a relatively new, and very mediocre Mexican restaurant pretty close to the hotels. I don't feel any need to go back there again.

The plan is to get going around 9am, send Adrien up the mast to check things out, and then sail in the afternoon. Hope it turns out that way.


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