Saturday, July 17, 2010

Noon Day 2

Got off to a bit of a slow start when I overslept the start of my 4am watch. Adrien says he tried to wake me, poked me in the leg, shined the light in my eyes. If it weren't for the snoring he would have thought I was dead. Oh well. He let me sleep until 4:45 when I woke up on my own with no memory of anyone trying to wake me.

There's this bird that has been following us since yesterday afternoon. I think it is a boobie (I can hear all the middle school boys out there snickering. I snickered too). It flies around behind the boat, sometimes looks like it is trying to land on the stern railing, but always waves off at the last second. Then it does some laps around us and tries again. I don't see it right now, but I hope it comes back as it is the only living thing we see around here.

After my watch I pulled up the floorboards and cleaned off the paddlewheel for the knotmeter. The little wheel spins in the water under the boat and tells how fast we are moving through the water (as opposed to the GPS that tells us how fast we are going over the ground). This is useful for the computer as it uses it to calculate true vs apparent wind speed and direction, and how much we are being pushed by the currents.

Later Adrien got psyched for a bit of cooking and we had our first real meal of the trip. Scrambled eggs with sausage, and buttered rolls. Yum.

Seems like we just did it a few hours ago, but it is time to run the generator to charge the batteries. This boat uses a lot of electric power. We unplugged a few things that we don't seem to need, and made sure to turn off all the lights during the day. Hope that will help. We also have a DC/DC converter that can be used to run the computer which should save us a few amps also, but needs a bit of wiring and soldering to get it working. Hopefully will get to that later today or tomorrow.

Adrien also fixed the water leak over Lance's bunk. A dry bunk is a very good thing.

Still headed almost straight North at between 6.5 and 8 knots. Probably continue to do that for 3-5 more days before we start to get to the Westerly winds.

Position Report at 17-Jul-2010 22:51 GMT
Lat 25 deg 20.254 N
Long 158 deg 33.832 W

Rhum line distance to San Francisco 1962 nautical miles

Wind 18 knots from NE
Seas about 6 feet
Sea water tep 76.8
Barometer 1020 mb
air temp 86 deg F 63% humidity

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