Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 15 - FInally, we tack!

Friday evening
Only 677 nm to San Francisco 1608 nm from Oahu

So, after a bit over 2 weeks on starboard tack, today we finally switched over to port. Last night and this morning the water was as smooth as glass with no wind at all, but sometime in the morning it filled in from the north and we brought the jib out, and then later on, the spinnaker. Finally we thought we were done with the Pacific High and on our way for a good run directly to the Golden Gate.

But as the day progressed it was not to be. The wind gradually shifter more and more to the northeast. We were pushed further and further south from our course to San Francisco. Eventually we decided it was time to take down the spinnaker so we could sail closer into the wind, and in the process we managed to rip it. So we are most likely done with spinnaker sailing for this trip. Too bad because if the weather forecast is correct it would have been ideal sailing.

Also discovered that out supply of toilet paper got wet. This could have been a catastrophe, but luckily Adrien had a separate stash in his cabin and we will likely make it the rest of the trip without need to resort to other materials.

Lots of ships around today. Sometimes we had 3 on the radar screen at a time. Gladly they all gave us lots of room, never coming closer than 3-4 miles.

Dinner is done, Lance is on watch, Pink Floyd is on the stereo, and I'm going to try to get a bit of sleep before my watch.

More tomorrow.


Position Report 31-JUL-2010 0637Z
40 deg 52.9 N Lat
136 deg 30.09 W Long
Course 109T speed 6.7 knots
Wind 8.5 knots from NE
Seas about 1-2 feet from N. Sea temp 58.3F
Air 70F 64% humidity 1032 mb pressure

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