Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally, off we go

Friday, 1:00pm Hawaii time, Day 1

Thursday was a busy day of doing the final errands, shopping, and a few last minute repairs.

Started out with finishing up rigging the boat for sea. Getting the dinghy tied down, the new topping life rigged, the bowsprit installed (in case we get to fly the spinnicker). Lance and I went off in the car in search of coffee, UHT milk, a new wireless keyboard and mouse, and a power adapter for the laptop so it could run on DC, instead of converting from DC to AC and back to DC (not as efficient use of our batteries).

After that it was off to return the rental car. Cheryl was nice enough to lend us her car so Lance drove that and I drove the rental, and we were back in about an hour.

We were pretty hot and grubby by then and almost ready to go so we decided to go for a quick swim in the ocean, and take final showers.

Next it was to the fuel doc to top up the fuel and water tanks. In the process I managed to overfill the tank, the fuel flowed out on the deck right where I was siting. It was lovely. Took another shower and washed my clothes in a bucket of laundry detergent, but after lathering up 3 times I am not sure the smell will ever go away. Please no smoking when I am around.

Adrien then decided it was time to run the engine and generator at the dock for a while to burn off a bit of the fuel so it would not continue to overflow onto the deck every time the boat rolled a bit.. But after a few minutes the generator shut itself down, and we needed to figure that out. Turns out the water pump impeller had disintegrated and needed to be changed. By the time that was done, Adrien needed another show, and we were all hungry, so we decided to stay just a little while longer and have dinner at Lolohe's down the beach one more time. When we got there I new we had to leave, because the entertainment had made the full cycle and the same guy was playing guitar and singing as the night I arrived.

Finally at 9:15pm Hawaii time Thursday, we untied from the dock and headed out from Ko'Olina Marina and followed the coast North to start our trip.

The wind was the full range from dead calm to a 30 knot rain and wind squall.

Adrien took the first watch, I relieved him at 1am, then Lance took over at 4am, then Adrien at 7am, and me again at 10am, and this is how it will go, 3 hours on and 6 hours off all the way to California.

Well noon, the traditional time of day for such things has come and gone, so here is all the technical data on where we are, the weather, etc.

Lat 22 deg 17.9557 N
Long 157 deg 53.5106 W
wind 19.1 knots
sea surface temperature 77.5 deg F
air temp 87 deg humidity 61% pressure 1017 mb

That's for now. The radio has not been able to connect to the base station for email yet, so not sure how long before this actually gets delivered and posted on the blog. Hopefully not too long.

Off to get some sleep,


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